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Weird Florida

From cows in the Intracoastal Waterway to haunted airliners to celebrity sex scandals: it all happens in Florida. Is there a weirder state? We say no, and challenge you to prove otherwise.

Eliot's comedic delivery and multimedia presentation leave audiences roaring.

War in Paradise: World War II in Florida

From U-Boat sinkings right off Florida's coast to German prisoner-of-war camps to sprawling military bases to deadly accidents, hear how a war a world away became personal for Floridians, and how it forever changed a small corner of America to one of its most populous states.

Florida's Amazing History and Why You Should Care

A whirlwind tour of 500 years of Florida history and how it has changed the state, for better or worse,capped with a strong argument that Florida's biggest challenge is encouraging its transplants to become Floridians and work to solve the state's problems.


How these amazing but devastating weather machines work and have affected Florida, focusing on recent storms and on the great 1928 storm, the second-deadliest disaster in U.S. history and subject of Eliot's award-winning Black Cloud. Includes a warning that people might not be as prepared as they think.

Florida in the Civil War? Believe it!

America's now in the 150th anniversary "window" (1861-1865; 2011-2015) and while Florida might be the most "northern" southern state now, it was the third to secede, and played a much more strategic role than most history books let on. Learn about Florida's role in the blockade, its critical battles, the tragedy of its governor, and the veterans who founded many Florida cities, and how some people are still fighting the war. And why the war is the reason Florida has 18 million people!

Audience Members Say:

"His presentation was very organized, and he possessed ample enthusiasm."

"Great introduction to important Florida history with out dumbing anything down for those already familiar with the topics."

"Dynamic speaker. Passionate about Florida. I kept awake!"

"I liked his enthusiasm & weaving of historical facts. I'm surprised at what I did not know."

"Eliot Kleinberg should head the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Loved it!"

"[Eliot] was very engaging and was an excellent, interesting, and informative choice."

"Loved it!! Very informative; Good knowledge & speaker; Delightful!"

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